Best of 2015

2015 was another amazing year here at Cooper Photography.  We saw lots of new clients become friends and a few old friends become new clients.  Once again we were lucky to work at some wonderful locations – some familiar and some very new.  Here is a round up of some of our favourites.

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Dogmersfield Park Wedding – Becky & Lee

For this wedding the pressure was on, as once again we were photographing another photographer’s wedding. Becky is a very talented wedding photographer (Rebecca Frost Photography) so naturally we were thrilled(and slightly terrified) to photograph her wedding to Lee.

Their wedding was all about the wow factor!  Everything from start to finish was elegant and classy. It was great to be working again with the supertalented Jen Poynter as she always does a great job of giving us beautiful flowers to photograph, but also working in stunning locations light Ampfield Church and the Four Seasons really makes our job effortless. There was so much laughter throughout the whole day but even between courses people were up and dancing – in the end the staff have to move the cake just in case it got knocked over – that sums up the fun everybody was having.  So many great memories. X

Dogmersfield Park Wedding001 Dogmersfield Park Wedding002 Dogmersfield Park Wedding003 Dogmersfield Park Wedding004 Dogmersfield Park Wedding005 Dogmersfield Park Wedding006 Dogmersfield Park Wedding007 Dogmersfield Park Wedding008 Dogmersfield Park Wedding009 Dogmersfield Park Wedding010 Dogmersfield Park Wedding011 Dogmersfield Park Wedding012 Dogmersfield Park Wedding013 Dogmersfield Park Wedding014 Dogmersfield Park Wedding015 Dogmersfield Park Wedding016 Dogmersfield Park Wedding017 Dogmersfield Park Wedding018 Dogmersfield Park Wedding019 Dogmersfield Park Wedding020 Dogmersfield Park Wedding021 Dogmersfield Park Wedding022 Dogmersfield Park Wedding023 Dogmersfield Park Wedding024 Dogmersfield Park Wedding025 Dogmersfield Park Wedding026 Dogmersfield Park Wedding027 Dogmersfield Park Wedding028 Dogmersfield Park Wedding029 Dogmersfield Park Wedding030 Dogmersfield Park Wedding031 Dogmersfield Park Wedding032 Dogmersfield Park Wedding033 Dogmersfield Park Wedding034 Dogmersfield Park Wedding035 Dogmersfield Park Wedding036 Dogmersfield Park Wedding037 Dogmersfield Park Wedding038 Dogmersfield Park Wedding039 Dogmersfield Park Wedding040 Dogmersfield Park Wedding041 Dogmersfield Park Wedding042 Dogmersfield Park Wedding044 Dogmersfield Park Wedding045 Dogmersfield Park Wedding046 Dogmersfield Park Wedding047 Dogmersfield Park Wedding048 Dogmersfield Park Wedding049 Dogmersfield Park Wedding050 Dogmersfield Park Wedding051 Dogmersfield Park Wedding052 Dogmersfield Park Wedding053 Dogmersfield Park Wedding054 Dogmersfield Park Wedding055 Dogmersfield Park Wedding056 Dogmersfield Park Wedding057 Dogmersfield Park Wedding058 Dogmersfield Park Wedding059 Dogmersfield Park Wedding060 Dogmersfield Park Wedding061 Dogmersfield Park Wedding062 Dogmersfield Park Wedding063 Dogmersfield Park Wedding064 Dogmersfield Park Wedding065 Dogmersfield Park Wedding066 Dogmersfield Park Wedding067 Dogmersfield Park Wedding068 Dogmersfield Park Wedding069 Dogmersfield Park Wedding070 Dogmersfield Park Wedding071 Dogmersfield Park Wedding072 Dogmersfield Park Wedding073 Dogmersfield Park Wedding074 Dogmersfield Park Wedding075 Dogmersfield Park Wedding076 Dogmersfield Park Wedding077 Dogmersfield Park Wedding078 Dogmersfield Park Wedding079 Dogmersfield Park Wedding080 Dogmersfield Park Wedding081 Dogmersfield Park Wedding082 Dogmersfield Park Wedding083 Dogmersfield Park Wedding084 Dogmersfield Park Wedding085 Dogmersfield Park Wedding086 Dogmersfield Park Wedding087 Dogmersfield Park Wedding088 Dogmersfield Park Wedding089er

St Cross wedding photography – Natasha & Oliver

Some weddings just flow perfectly and this was one of those special days where everything happened in a perfect way. There is always something special about Winchester weddings and st Cross Church has to be one of the most stunning churches in Hampshire. From the minute we arrived Natasha and Oliver and all of their friends and family made us feel so welcome. We were blessed with the most beautiful sunshine and the most stunning locations that Winchester has to offer. So many elements of this wedding were very traditional but Natasha and Oliver created a wedding that was also completely relaxed and very laid back. X

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Hampshire Portrait Photographer – Ria + Jake + Emaya

This was such an amazing photo shoot.  I’ve been friends with Ria and Jake for a long time now as they’re both amazing photographers.  You can imagine the pressure of producing something for two very talented friends, but fortunately the lights, the location and the people were beautiful – so my job turned out to be pretty simple!  I pretty much let them be themselves I was just ready to capture them in a natural way.  Quite often as photographers we’re so busy taking pictures for our clients that we Forget to take the time to photograph our own stories and the people that we love.  Every family that stands in front of my lens I always consider it a privilege and it certainly was a privilege to capture these three beautiful people!

hampshire portrait photographers002

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