Danesfield House Wedding photography // Alexandra + Chris

Danesfield House Wedding photography // Alexandra + Chris

If you are looking for a lesson in how to have a wonderful wedding day then Alex & Chris could show you the way! They really are two of the sweetest people that you could meet and it completely showed in all of their wedding pictures.  We first spoke all the way from Jersey and instantly clicked.  It was clear that we were all on the same page when agreeing what makes gorgeous wedding pictures.  Chris and his lovely nature towards everybody really shone through. he was hugging guests as soon as they started to arrive and throughout the whole day was so happy to share his day with everybody.  Equally his twin brother did a fantastic job as a Proud and sincere Best man.

DanesField house in Marlow is the perfect Setting for an English Country house wedding.  If you’re planning your wedding here then it definitely is important to allow a bit of time to explore the grounds and be creative with the pictures. Alex and Chris did exactly that. It was so lovely to just Wander and explore the grounds and get some natural pictures both both Of them. They were so good together that they needed very little Direction from us.

Alexandra is a yoga teacher and relaxation and meditation is something that plays a big parts in her life, so at one point in the afternoon she took herself off just to have a few minutes of quiet mindfulness and to gather her thoughts. This was such a wonderful idea and something to consider when it is your own wedding day.  If you need a few minutes to yourself then it’s okay to do that.  It’s always important to remember that it is your day and you can enjoy it however formal or relax is best suited to you.




How do your favourite memories look?

I attended a seminar once by a very talented Australian photographer called David A Williams and he spoke of a project he had started where he asked friends (mainly photographers) to share their favourite pictures of growing up via email and social media.

What he displayed was a surprise and something really quite touching.

There were no studio images or formal portraits.  Most images were blurred, faded, low quality snaps.  There were loads of polaroids and quite a few images were half a thumb was covering the lens but they all had one thing in common – they all looked completely natural.

This was definitely an experience I had never forgotten as it made me think about the photographs that matter to me.

My Dad wasn’t a keen amateur photographer at all but growing up he had a good camera (an Olympus Trip which at the time was advertised by David Bailey so it must have been a pretty good!)  He wasn’t always snapping away but he did regularly take pictures of our family.


Me and my sister.  I’m the bald one!dsc_2477This is me sulking because my parents wouldn’t buy me a Empire Strikes Back, Hoth Playset! Love it! 

I think what I loved about how my parents used photography was that they would stick a film in the camera at christmas and 36 exposures would last nearly the whole year! It would be developed near to the following christmas.  Each time there would be a family event or day out my Dad would capture one maybe two images to remember that day so getting the pictures back was always a treat as it had a years worth of events to look through.

Photography has become so disposable now with instagram, Facebook and camera phones that we no longer celebrate photography in quite the same way, but still, we all have pictures and moments that we treasure.

Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone and it definitely has a place in all our lives but for Anna and I we look for something different as photographers.  We have terabytes of hard drive space taken up with thousands of special moments, but we are riddled with guilt that we have not printed and displayed these wonderful moments all over the house.  Sound familiar?

We did however come up with a solution in 2010 when our daughter Marnie was born…

The polaroid wall!


Anyone that visits our house LOVES our polaroid wall and it is the perfect way to live with our most treasured  memories everyday.  What makes it even more wonderful is reconnecting to the nostalgic feeling of photography again.  The vintage look of the prints just looks dead cool and also the cost makes each image rare and unique.  At nearly £1 per click we only use the polaroid now and then but it’s always something special and even with the amazing technology of modern digital cameras, our kids get such a buzz out of watching the image develop!

Polaroid and film photography in general is something that is very special to us.  The way that you shoot with it and handle it is a skill that is only crafted by experienced photographers but it’s also a medium that lends itself to natural photography.  We purposely don’t work out of a studio because natural pictures are always best achieved in natural surroundings with natural light as the only light source.


There is a softness and rich colour palette that comes with using film and it connects to all the things we value about the stories that make up our childhood.

Photography is special not because of what it shows but more of what it speaks of.  There is a canvas on the wall of our studio that shows our son Nate at three years old walking along holding a stick.  It doesn’t show his face but it reminds us of his personality and spirit at that time.  He was always the explorer and would never go anywhere without a stick!


All of our commissions are like this.  Using the location and the landscape to tell the story.  A snapshot of how our lives are at that moment.

  1. Drop us an email and let’s chat about what would be your perfect family picture.


Taking time out – a different view on wedding planning

It’s a cold November morning my face and my feet and my hands are freezing as I have just returned from a 20 mile bike ride. It’s a Tuesday and it’s the middle of very busy time with work; actually who am I kidding it’s always a busy time!

So should I have gone out on my bike?!

Some would probably say no, just because it’s so cold and they would see it as a bit of a stupid thing to do (they have a point!). I’m sure a lot of people would say no as it’s the middle of the working week and I’m not going to pretend that my to-do list is not at the forefront of my mind.

But let’s think about this for a second.

Work does tend to consume most of our lives we are ALWAYS Busy, and I think most of us are constantly using phrases like; if only there were more hours in the day, or; where does the time go? I say those things all the time and as a self-employed photographer there definitely isn’t enough time in the day.

BUT, and this is a very big but; It is so important to take time out and especially to clear your mind and that’s exactly what I was doing this morning when I was freezing my bits off trudging up Farley Mount!

Life can be hectic sometimes and when you start throwing in things like planning a wedding, life can seem to get even MORE hectic and once again you fear the dreaded to-do list; but let’s try and look at this from a different angle.

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time + thought and it can definitely bring some stresses but it is also something that we’re lucky to be able to do, maybe even a privilege; something not to be taken for granted, don’t you think?

Work can be busy and I’m sure a lot of us enjoy our jobs but it is still work. Then our free time arrives and we have this wonderful opportunity to be creative and to meet inspiring people like florists, and photographers, and cake designers, and wedding planners. People that are hugely passionate about what they do and how they can inspire you for creating you dream wedding day.

Trying on dresses, looking at fabrics, hanging out with girlfriends, spending quality time with mums, trying delicious menus, sampling delicious wedding cake, a quick pint with the boys just after getting measured for your suits – these are all ‘time out’ situations and they are something that you can enjoy out of the every day stresses of life.  The wedding day is all about celebration and coming together but why can’t the planning be the same?

In our blog posts and websites we talk a lot about time and how it plays an important part in the service we provide for our wedding clients. Past clients all say the same thing and we echo this statement ourselves ‘Our wedding day was over too quickly!’ So if everybody comments on how quickly the time flies why just keep it to one day? Why not take time to enjoy the whole buildup and the whole process.

There are always going to be tasks that seem a bit boring, things like sorting the table plan or hand making a hundred favours but there’s always a way to make it a pleasure – this can often involve a bottle of wine or two (or more!) or getting as many friends and family involved – strength in numbers!

Your life is always going to be hectic.  Sport, meditation, art, photography, cooking, quality time with loved ones, , Yoga, the gym, walking with headphones, walking without headphones, reading – all things that give us a bit of quality time out – why not add wedding planning into that list?



Uk Film Photography // Beach Session // Kate + Brent

Uk Film Photography // Beach Session // Kate + Brent

I first met Kate when we used to teach workshops at Aspire Photographic Training in the Lake District. We both have the same core values when it comes to photography and I have always been inspired by her work and attitude. Many times I have turned to her for advice with business and photography and so I was thrilled to have a session with her and her partner Brent for their new business Lumiere, and to return the favour for all her help and advice of the years.
It is always a bit nerve wracking photographing other photographers but I always approach every couple the same. I believe that wether you are older younger smaller or larger, with the right direction and the right light everyone can look amazing. I won’t lie that with these gorgeous peeps it was not very hard to produce a beautiful set of pictures. It also helped that the light was absolutely stunning. I always try whenever possible to schedule sessions for golden hour (another blog post on that coming soon) and it makes such a difference. Even more special was the fact that with the beautiful sunset the sky turned the colour of the Lumiere branding – this session couldn’t have been anymore perfect!