Seeing the beauty

It was the usual panic of trying to find shin pads, football boots, drinks bottles and everything else that we need to take our son Nate to his football match. With only a few minutes to spare we’re hurtling down the motorway to make it in time for the warm up.

Immediately leaving the slip road we see the usual bustle of football matches in progress.  With lots of people everywhere we noticed that one of the matches was being played entirely by older gentlemen probably well into their 60s. I pointed this out to my 10 year old son and I was intrigued to see what he thought of it – I was so proud of his reply. He took a moment to watch the game and then said

“That is so cool”!

I was a bit surprised by his reply.  I thought he might make a joke comment but he genuinely was impressed by these silver-haired dudes in matching kits doing something they love – not letting age hold them back.

I felt bad that I had pre-judged him and assumed he would laugh.  Perception is everything in life and was so proud that he looked at something and only saw the positive – the beauty in an ordinary moment.

It’s so easy to look at things in life and miss the beauty, especially in ourselves.

One of my absolute pet hates is when I arrive for a family session and the mum says ‘oh just take pictures of the kids – I don’t want to be in any’! (my apologies to all past clients that have said that!)

Everybody looks beautiful especially to the people that love them.

With our years of experience of photographing people we know how to pose, light and direct people to make sure they look amazing but it’s the inner beauty that we are always trying to capture.  The beauty that your kids see – that your husband or wife see.

We always try and include pictures of parents because having a family session is for everyone.  It might be you that commissioned us and payed the session fee but it is also for the children as well.  Your children might not appreciate the pictures now but when they are older those images will be priceless, as will the memories that are connected to them.

Imagine finding a box of prints in your parents house today. Inside is a whole collection of pictures from your childhood that you had never seen.  In among these pictures we’re loads of prints of your parents – hugging – being natural – looking young, and slightly retro?!

How much value would these have for you?

My guess is they would be absolutely priceless.  I know they would be for us.

The wonderful thing about photography is that they capture memories.  Sometimes the moments they capture might seem simple, or ordinary, but as time goes on they will only ever increase in value – just like the people captured in them.