Books Books Books!

This week we are totally inspired by books!

What’s your favourite book? Is it a novel, a book from childhood, a comic? We all have one that we’ll never forget and always cherish.

Most photographers I know have a vast collection of books.  Taschen must make a fortune out of photographers! From classics like Cartier Bresson’s decisive moment to mavericks like Terry Richardson and his controversial Terry World, books by photographers are a big deal and our collection of books has a very special place in our lives

With every book there is a beginning, middle and an end. There is a story to tell.

A photo essay book will take you on a journey; even a textbook will be a story of discovery.

A wedding album will be a storybook of your wedding day. How precious will that book become…  Priceless?

It’s weird how things come together but we’re having a sudden inspiration by books and a reminder of just how important and inspirational it is to hold and be inspired by a book.

Every year we take a look at our books and products to see what can be improved. Just this week we took delivery of a brand new Queensberry show album. And a Folio fine-art book with a wrap around picture cover, something we’ve never done before.

Both of our album suppliers Queensberry in New Zealand and Folio in the UK package and wrap their albums so beautifully just unboxing them is an amazing feeling. Add to that having something new and exciting to see and touch is always very cool.

It’s amazing that after 12 years we still get a buzz from the arrival of a new album at our door

To add to this excitement we also had delivered a copy of Brand Brilliance, a new book from the very talented Fiona Humbertsone aka the Brand Stylist.

Words cannot capture how excited and humbled we feel to be featured in this stunning new book on branding.

We’ve worked very hard to create a brand that is authentic. To be asked to feature in this book is something that is truly inspiring and humbling.

Also being in a book that is number 1 on Amazon is a pretty great feeling!

Being involved in Brand Brilliance and seeing it come together has really made us look at how we produce our books and what it means to work with you our clients in telling the story of your day.

Having 500 images on a USB is great but it’s not really a story, it’s more like a Pinterest board.

It’s great to see your wedding day in all it’s entirety but flicking through 500 pictures on an ipad is not the same as seeing the story unfold as you turn every page of a handmade book.

With this new realisation we are now booking album design sessions with you our clients.

This is a brand new service and one we couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil!

We will invite you to our studio armed with your favourite wedding images and together we will design your wedding story. Using the latest album design software you’ll get an amazing insight into the design process but also be able to share your thoughts on something so special and personal to you.

You know who and what was special about your wedding and we know what makes great album design so between us we will tell your story exactly how you’ve dreamed of.

We are so excited about this new service and feel it will be the ultimate creative collaboration between us.

Contact us now to book your design session and if you’re interested in design and marketing don’t forget to check out Fiona’s new book Brand Brilliance.