Hello and thanks for dropping by!  We are Anna and Stu, the husband and wife team at Cooper Photography, and we’d like to tell you a little bit more about our love for photography and the people behind the camera.

Being in front of the camera is a very intimate, and sometimes it can feel  intimidating.  It’s important that you have someone the other side of the lens who will make you feel at ease so here’s a little bit about us. We’ve been married for 11 years, working together as Cooper photography for over 13 years.  

Being partners in life and in business means that we regularly have to tell each other to get lost – sometimes it just has to be said!  Like every relationship, it isn’t perfect, but its our imperfections that make life so amazing.  We are blessed that we get to work together and do what we love every day; there’s Not many people are that lucky and it’s something that we are truly grateful for.

When we first met we quickly bonded over our love of art, interiors and anything retro. Whilst we love to travel, especially for weddings, our favourite place is home.  We live in Hampshire with our two children, Nathaniel 12 and Marnie 8, and our two cats Bella & Flossy.  Life here is pretty sweet. We live a short distance from the New Forest and the beach and 1 hour from London so we get to enjoy everything the south coast has to offer – especially beautiful locations for photo shoots! We have many rolls of film dedicated to all of our antics and we’re constantly adding to our Polaroid wall to preserve those memories.