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Wedding Photography in Hampshire

By Cooper Photography

Hello and thanks for dropping by.  We are Anna and Stu the husband and wife team at Cooper Photography, and we’d like to tell you a little bit more about our love for photography and the people behind the camera.


The Early Days

We’ve been married for 10 years, working together as Cooper photography for over 12 years and photographers for over 20 years. We are very lucky that we get to work together, meet amazing people and be able to do what we love every day, there’s not many people can say that and it’s something that we are truly grateful for.

When we first met we quickly bonded over our Love of art, interiors and anything retro. One of our first dates was a trip to Camden market in search of vintage bargains! We still own a very cool 60s lamp from that shopping trip and since then we have added lots of quirky things to our ever growing hoard of groovy stuff – like vinyl LPs, Polaroid cameras and retro chairs. (We love society6.)

One of the things we loved about each other was our creative nature that we both shared. We loved visiting art galleries and scouting antique markets together. We always had a passion for unique and individual things.



Life on Film

Being individual is a principal that we carry over into our photography commissions – every client, every wedding, and every Family is unique and we love to bring out that uniqueness in our images.

After a few years of freedom and sleeping through the night, along came Nate and Marnie our two lovely but crazy children. We all live together in Hampshire along with our two cats Bella and flossy. It’s a bit of a mad house we live in and we have many rolls of film dedicate to all our antics.

Life here is pretty sweet! We live a short distance from the New Forest and the beach and 1 hour from London so we get to enjoy everything the south coast has to offer – especially beautiful locations for photo shoots!

We spend a lot of time as a family out mountain biking or just ferrying the kids to all their different clubs but the great thing about working together is that when things get a bit too hectic there’s always someone there to shout at! (that’s what love is!)

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Having a family of our own has taught us how fleeting time is. Also being in business for over 12 years we have seen our clients families grow and change as well. It has made us truly value the importance of capturing as many moments as we can – so much so that we have an ever growing Polaroid Wall in our home that is always being added to with pictures of our lives – Problem is we are rapidly running out of wall space!

We realized very early on that we are storytellers, in our own lives and for our clients. We are honored and privileged to capture every wedding and every family that commission us.

We truly value the gift that photography has given us and the joy that comes with sharing these priceless moments.


Stu’s Style

On a wedding day Stu normally begins before the service where he would meet with the groomsmen (normally in the pub!) And start to capture the story with the boys. At this point his style is completely reportage, just hanging out in the background capturing all the moments and normally putting down his cameras to give a quick tutorial on how to pin a buttonhole!

Stu’s style is all about making people feel at ease with Great communication and relaxed direction. He is the one that will arrange any formal photos and create a lot of our signature images. For us it’s all about working quickly making people feel relaxed and getting gorgeous natural pictures that look in no way contrived. It’s all about getting you into a shape that looks flattering but then letting your personalities and the chemistry between you shine through.

Looking amazing in your pictures is obviously our top priority and we have found that the best way to achieve this is through using traditional film cameras. Colour film has a look that digital just can’t quite emulate which is why Stu shoots on a Hasselblad, the Rolls-Royce of medium format film cameras.

Many of the worlds top wedding planners will only recommend photographers that work on film because they know that it gives the most stunning results with the most Beautiful colours captured. It’s not instant – but we’re not looking for a quick fix. When it comes to your wedding day, quality and style is everything. Our pride in craftsmanship connects with people who seek authenticity, quality and artfulness – the results are certainly worth waiting for.



Anna’s Style

Anna graduated from Cardiff University after three years studying arts and aesthetics. She incorporated photography into her final year project so she already had the skills just nowhere to channel them. When she started to work with Stu photographing weddings she was able to add another element to the business both physically and creatively that could never be achieved by one photographer working alone.

Anna’s style is much more reportage and involves her blending into the background. She always arrives with the bride in the getting ready stages and captures the excitement and atmosphere in a very natural documentary style. Anna is always there to capture the special moments like Sharing of gifts, mum lacing her daughters dress, and the moment when dad sees his daughter for the first time.

Because Stu is with the guys, Anna will always be there with the girls working the photography around your timeline and never dictating where you need to be or what you need to be doing. She’s just with you and being one of the girls.

Working on her trusty Nikon digital Anna’s photographs are mainly black-and-white and in a documentary style. She uses a telephoto lens and is always on the outside capturing people when they are unaware and at their most natural. Through experience she has a great sense for pre-empting all the key stages and focusing on real expressions and defining the moment.

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Team Work

When working together we make the perfect team. We’re always very aware of where each other is and what Lens each other is using.

If Stu is setting up a full-length or panoramic style image, Anna will know to zoom in and capture the expression, bringing together two very unique images but from the same moment. This synergy is at the heart of our signature style.

Over the many years we have been working together our own journey has unfolded. We have been a couple, and a newly engaged couple. We have been wedding guests, wedding clients and now parents (twice!).
We completely understand how it feels to be on the sharp end of a camera and know exactly how to create the right experience for you, that we know would be special to us, because we are you!

Thank you for reading We hope learning a bit about us helps. Of all the people that are involved in your wedding day the photographer is usually the one that you spend the most time with so it’s important to find someone who makes you feel at ease. We often get mistaken for guests at weddings and we see this as a huge compliment. We would love to hear more about you and we hope to be working with you soon.

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