About You

You value Time. Shoots take time and yours is valuable. You want to walk out to a shower of confetti and hug a friend you’ve not seen in years – drink your first champagne as husband & wife – Speak to the relative who in their 90’s came all the way to see you get married. You want to relax, take in the moment and know that your time is forever yours. You don’t want to be whisked away from your people, or your wedding turned into one big photo-shoot!

You are not ordinary, nor do you want pictures that are ordinary. You love the look of grainy Black & White images – veils flowing, soft focus, movement. You love the look of film – rich colors, beautiful skin tones – colors so vibrant and luminescent. You want this for your own pictures and you want photographers that have the skill and experience to work confidently with film and deliver fine art results.

You have ideas – you are creative – you love Pinterest. You want your wedding to reflect who you are as people. You have chosen the venue the food, the cars that impress and that reveal your creativity. You mix traditional with modern, rustic with luxury.

You have chosen your venue carefully. Whether you picked an English stately home, a chic London Hotel or cliff top in Ibiza, a sense of location is so important to you both and you knew straight away this was the perfect place for you.

You are inspired by fashion but you also find luxury in hand made things, a small dress designer that you have stumbled across mixed with Vivienne Westwood shoes. The Groomsmen in Saville Row suits, or tweed waistcoats. Stylish but natural.

You love a good hug, and everyone at your wedding gets one! It’s important you are surrounded by all the people that matter most, and you get to hug and spend quality time with them all day. You want some formal group pictures but not take too long and at the expense of enjoying the day with everyone.

You want trust. You want to connect with people that are experts. People with years of experience. You want to feel that you can relax knowing your photographers are capturing everything without the need to second guess their work. You want to feel natural but be directed with confidence so you know you are looking fabulous in every frame.

You and your friends KNOW how to celebrate! When the band fire up – when the DJ spins his first tune then it is ON!

You love each others imperfections and want your wedding to reflect this. It’s not about every detail being perfect, more that it feels right!