Corinthia Hotel, London Wedding – Alvina + Kenny

From our first Skype meeting to the engagement session to their beautiful London city wedding, it was so wonderful to spend time with such a genuinely lovely couple.

The Corinthia is a Hotel that simply oozes style.  In the middle of Whitehall right near so many of London’s iconic images is this stunning hotel.  It is such an inspirational venue both inside and out and the perfect setting for Alvina & Kenny’s wonderful wedding.

We started early as there was quite a lot to fit in this one special day.  It was a special mix of traditional english ceremony mixed with some Chinese customs as well.  Probably the most hilarious was Kenny and the boys having to bribe their way in to see Alvina and also performa range of (embarrassing) tasks that involved press ups, singing and dressing up including make up!  We had never seen anything like this before and kept forgetting to take pictures as we were laughing so much!

Things then become more serious and quite emotional for the Chinese Tea Ceremony.  There were plenty of laughs bit also a few tears as Alvina was becoming that bit closer to being Kenny’s wife.

After Alvina changed into her white wedding dress it was time for the civil ceremony.  This was yet another emotional service and was filled with the same joy as the Tea Ceremony.

If you’re planning a London City wedding then the Corinthia is the perfect venue.  We were able to get amazing pictures inside and out, there is a fantastic garden at the end of the street so we could still get some great nature images + the Golden Jubilee bridge.

It was an honour to be a part of Alvina & Kenny’s magical wedding.  If you’re planning a London wedding then be sure to contact us and book a meeting HERE

Winchester College Christmas Wedding – Emily & Boon

It must be tricky organising a wedding from overseas but to create such a beautiful destination wedding in the UK from Malaysia takes some skill!  Emily and Boon did exactly that.

It helps when you align yourself with great people to collaborate with to bring everything together and create the best dream team (We humbly include ourselves in that dream team!) and the best winter wedding.  Special mention to Jenny Prosser who always does an amazing job with the flowers.

It all started with a young Boon who was lucky enough to be a pupil of Winchester College back in his school days.  The school is one of the most prestigious in Hampshire and for a VERY limited and lucky few people they open their doors to be able to host your wedding in this completely unique location – there really is nowhere quite like it.  Winchester itself is a very special place and tucked away in the heart of the city is this every old (600 years) school that Emily and Boon chose as their dream wedding location.

The schools moto is ‘manners makyth man’ and this couldn’t be more apt considering how the family and friends of emily & Boon made us feel so welcome.  People traveled form all over the globe to share in their special day and even Boon’s old science teacher was not only among the guest list but also held the blessing for them.  A highlight was when he presented a photo of a very young Boon at the front of the class learning chemistry many years ago.

Winter weddings are always very special for us.  We absolutely love the cosiness that they offer – there is something very welcoming about a winter wedding.  From our point of view it takes a bit more awareness of the timings of the day.  Because there is a short window of daylight we have to make sure that we make the most of it but in most cases and especially with E&B they appreciated the guidance. That trust certainly helped us to capture some gorgeous pictures.

Here you have a building that has been standing since 1382 – the steps are all crooked, the walls are uneven, the seats have been worn smooth by all the pupils that have passed through this school, but in that imperfection is all of it’s beauty.  We love looking for the beauty in imperfections and that is what we love about photographing people and photographing weddings.

2017 is almost full for wedding bookings and we’re taking bookings for 2018/19.  Contact us now to book an appointment HERE

Want to get the best pictures possible? Here’s how….

It goes without saying that when you commission us or any professional photographer to capture you, it’s important that you get the best possible pictures – right?

When you have found someone who’s images blow you away, who you feel you can connect with on a friendship level, you are almost 100% there but there is one thing that can almost guarantee perfect pictures….

Great light

…. and there is one other factors that can absolutely guarantee great pictures…




As I am writing this it is a cold February day.  It’s dark, grey and a drizzly.  The summer seems so far away but officially it is spring in less than 20 days!

In no time at all the clocks will change.  It’ll start to warm up and then before you know it we’re back doing what we love!  Out in the sunshine capturing beautiful pictures.


So lets get back to the topic – Golden hour.

If you have not heard of this yet, Golden hour is the time around sunset when just before the sun goes down you get the most gorgeous dream light that you could ever wish for.

As photographers we are always looking for the best light.  Sometimes it’s right in front of you, sometimes you have to look for it, but always, it is the lifeblood of what we do.

Skin tones, colours everything look amazing at golden hour, and we will always use it whenever we can.

It’s always important that there is an open line of communication with us, your photographers.  Before any shoot, wedding or family we will always discuss timings and what you can expect from the session.  With weddings the timings and flow of the day are crucial for us to work the photography around you and make sure we are making the absolute best of what light is available.

When it comes to planning and thinking about how your timeline will fit in with sunset it is always worth having a quick look to see when the sunset time is for your wedding day.  Even in the winter there is still a small window when the golden hour can give us the most stunning winter light!

So what can you do to make this happen?

Well for starters don’t worry too much.  Although there is a small window of time when we have this light available to us it normally fit’s perfectly into the timeline of a summer wedding.  After speeches and before the evening reception is the perfect time to go for a wander and make the most of this special opportunity.

As soon as the light is getting softer, we’ll come find you!

Generally on a wedding day it is our style to work around you and give you plenty of time to spend enjoying your day and let the photography fit around you but golden hour is the one time when I’ll say ‘right drop what you’re doing!  This light is too gorgeous to miss!’  Unless you are in the middle of speeches of course!

With that in mind, try not to have your speeches too late – Golden hour is worth the wait and it’ll be a shame to miss it!

So what about planning a family session?

Well once again it’s worth looking at google and seeing when the sunset is happening on your the day of your shoot.  We will of course look at this and always go for an evening shoot first if that is possible for you.

When it comes to small children obviously this can be a problem, especially if it is the height of summer and sunset isn’t till late.

With that in mind though even late afternoon is still nice light and if you think they will stretch to a later session then it would be worth trying it.  A lot of children can see it as a treat to be up late playing on the beach or running through the woods.

For anyone that has been in front of our camera will know that it’s all about the experience.  It’s about storytelling.

We love to capture the warmth and glow of real people that love and appreciate each other.  The most important thing is that you look great but also that we’re capturing a moment.

What better way to do this then being surrounded by one of the most beautiful but simple things


It’s something that happens everyday, but it can be so easily missed with all the hectic things we have going on in our minds.

It is a direct connection to how photography can fit into our lives – something special you do every now and then to capture and appreciate the wonderful people in your life.

Much like a sunset – a wonderful and natural thing that every now and then we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is.

As you can tell we are hugely passionate about light, love and moments.  Get in contact with us now to book an appointment and discuss how our expertise can help you get the pictures you will love forever.

Best Of Family 2016

We are well into 2017 now so I can just about get away this post!

It’s February, it’s cold, and as much as I quite like the winter I am now wishing the spring would hurry and get here!

One thing that is lovely about this time of year is it gives us the space to look at life and business and think about what we want out of the year ahead.  Photography is a wonderful tool to help give some perspective.

With the winter now dragging on a bit too long it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the year that has just passed and all the amazing moments that we managed to capture on film.

We were very lucky in 2016 as although many found last year to be a tough one (and not that we didn’t have our up’s and downs) on the whole it was an amazing year!  With Anna turning thirty-ten and a year of many significant birthdays for close friends and family there were a ton of celebrations, plenty of travel and some amazing experiences that our kids Nate & Marnie will never forget.

I often talk and write about beauty in the everyday moments.  About seeing all the imperfections as actually being quite perfect and so I vow this year to capture as many of these perfect everyday moments as I can. #arteveryday

***Don’t let the year go by without capturing your special family moments – Contact us now to book your family portrait session***