Danesfield House Wedding Photography – Amanda & Dennis

We have witnessed some very emotional weddings over the years but Amanda & Dennis’s gorgeous Danesfield wedding was filled with so much joy and emotion.

So many of their friends and family made the trip form America to be with them and enjoy this amazing day.  We didn’t get to meet Dennis until the actual wedding day itself but he and his family were so welcoming we felt a part of the day from the very start.

For anyone planning a UK wedding it is nice to include some traditions from across the pond like all the grandparents and the bridesmaids, parents and groomsmen all walking in together ahead of the bride and her father.  This was such an important moment and it showed such respect for the generations that had lead us to this day.  It definitely ramped up the emotions as well!  When it got to Amanda & Dennis seeing each other for the first time they were already struggling to hold it together!

Seeing people express their emotions is such a beautiful thing and this carried on all through the day well until the evening and the father/daughter + mother/son dance.


It’s Our Anniversary!

Wow we’re both in complete shock! As of Friday 4th May we have been married for 10 years!!

(that’s right, we got married on Star Wars day!)

How is it possible that a decade has gone by?!?!

How do you celebrate this sort of milestone? (after you have got your head around the fact that something that seems like yesterday is now 10 years ago?!) especially when there is so much else going on in our lives like running a business together and parenting two children?

First of all I need to say, we are a bit crap when it comes to anniversaries. Mainly because 3 years after getting married our daughter decided to arrive ON our wedding anniversary. (that’s right, she was born on Star Wars Day!)

It is very sweet that she decided to arrive on our anniversary but needless to say the 4th May is now all about Marnie!!

We haven’t got each other a card or a present for quite a few years now and I know, that sounds bad.

With all the energy that goes into a kids birthday – organising the party, picking up the cake etc. we haven’t actually celebrated or gone out to a restaurant for our anniversary in years either! We are a bit crap!

Now what’s really important here is that this has no bearing on our friendship or the strength of our marriage.

We are solid!

That’s not to say we are perfect. We are most definitely NOT perfect!

But that is where the magic is. The imperfections.

The biggest thing that I reflect upon now that we’re a decade into our marriage is that we always stick together. When business is tough, when the kids are arguing non-stop, when the house is a complete shit-hole – we may be stressed but we’re unified in our stress!When I gave my speech at our wedding I said the thing I love most about Anna is that she makes me want to be a better person.

Despite all the changes that have happened in our lives, that has and is always remained the same.We will get around to celebrating our anniversary at some point and it will be something very special. I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that it’ll be a photo shoot with my favourite photographer in the world Jonathan Canlas – We just need to book a trip to Hawaii!

Photography is life and it is history.  It’s a celebration.

Contact us now and lets celebrate together.  20% off all our services for the month of May. X


Bluebell scouting // That Light Though!!!

So we were scouting out the best locations for the Spring Portrait session promotion.  We’ve already had our first couple of sessions and they were both amazing!  The film has just gone off to the lab today and I know that putting together the galleries is going to be an absolute joy!

Part of any springtime promotion has to include some bluebell woods.  Living in the UK it would be kind of rude not to!

There’s a particular wood that I know and love as I ride my mountain bike through there early frequently and so I’ve been on a vigilant bluebell watch ever since the beginning of April.

Well it’s official – the bluebells have arrived!

Last night Me, Anna and the kids went on a little scouting mission and sure enough we were treated with the breathtaking sight of a sea of bluebells bathed in the most stunning evening light.  Of course we couldn’t resist capturing a few family photos while we were there – it would be rude not to…

Love this one of my three favourite people in the whole world!

What I love the most is Marnie’s gappy smile!  Once those teeth start to grow she’ll never look like this again so I am so pleased to have pictures like this.  She makes us laugh everyday and that smile is priceless!

Now Here’s the important bit – there are only 2 sessions left in the Spring Promotion!

We would absolutely love to spend time with you in a beautiful location like this capturing beautiful natural images like these so please don’t hesitate to contact us now and book your session.

This time of year I find so inspiring and an absolute joy to be out with a family capturing them in a natural way.

Contact us now to book your session.  Only two spaces available.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lifestyle Portraits

As I am sat writing this the double doors are wide open and the sun is pouring through into our studio – This weather just makes me so happy!  What’s even more special is that our Spring Mini Session campaign is in full flow and with light like this, I just know every session is going to be a stunner!

With this in mind I wanted to share a few thoughts on what to expect from your mini session and also a few insights into what ‘Lifestyle Portraits’ actually mean and why (in my opinion) it is THE best way to capture the essence of the people we love,

1. You Don’t Have To Pose – The term Lifestyle portraits is exactly that – life.  It’s a snapshot into your life at this point in time.  the years fly by so fast especially when children are young so this is an opportunity to capture and savour this stage of family life.

A little bit of direction from the photographer is great but also being yourselves is just as important.  It really works well when your not looking into the camera. When you are all interacting and being natural with each other (even if it’s prompted) makes for a much more powerful image as does portraits of your child with an arm of a sibling or parent framing them it makes the connection so much stronger and the image has a deeper narrative.

Lifestyle photography stands in contrast to documentary photography.  Although we are storytelling, we are also working together to create some beautiful artworks. which leads to my next point….

2. It’s a Colaboration – You’ve booked a photographer because you want someone with the skill, experience and the equipment to capture beautiful photographs of the people you love, but you also want it to tell YOUR story.  It’s important to work with your photographer and collaborate on ideas, especially when it comes to location.  You don’t want your photographer to suggest a studio session when you’re outdoors people! Equally it’s no good booking a beach session if you really love walking the dog through forest in Autumn.

A good photographer will listen to what you is important to you.  If you have a location that is significant then it’s important that you can talk this through with your photographer and share your ideas with each other.  Clothing, location, time of day are all crucial factors that can effect a lifestyle session and working together will guarantee great results.  Another great tool is sharing ideas on Pinterest and then you and your photographer can really share some great ideas of what is possible (and impossible) ahead of your family session.

3. It’s Not All About You – My worst nightmare as a people photographer is when I turn up for a session and Mum says ‘oh just take pictures of the kids! I don’t want to be in any’  ARGHHH!

Of course you are the ones paying for the shoot but it’s not just for you – it’s for every generation to come!  Without photography we have no history!

Imagine if suddenly some family pictures turned up that you had never seen before? How would you feel?  I’m betting you would be blown away with emotion seeing your parents young again?  My parents turned 80 last year and if I saw some new images of me as a child with my mum and dad and seeing them young again, it would absolutely blow me away – those pictures would be priceless!

Think about how much the images from your session will mean to everyone and get yourself in front of the lens.

4. Embrace All The Imperfections – Probably the most important point in this post.  A few years ago I had a photoshoot booked with my all time fav photographer in the world Jonathan Canlas.  He was touring his famous workshop Film Is Not Dead (which I attended in 2012) and so in 2014 it was FIND Brighton.  There was a call out for models and I snapped up the chance of our family modelling for the portrait part of the workshop.

We turned up and Jonathan was straight in there getting high fives from Nate & Marnie and starting to build a rapport with them but unfortunately Marnie was having none of it!  She spent most of the session frowning and refused to smile!  I could feel myself getting stressed out especially as she was normally such a happy girl – also because this was a unique opportunity.  JC lives in Hawaii so weren’t going to book a shoot anytime soon!

Here’s the thing!

I was only just looking back at those images very recently and I LOVE it that Marnie wouldn’t smile that day!  Those pictures just make me so happy because that’s real!  That’s what little strong defiant girls are like!  If we had a session now at 6 years old she would be totally different.

So what if your little girl won’t smile.  So what if your on of your boys refuses to open his eyes for the family portrait.  So what if YOU have a few more wrinkles around the eyes then you did in your twenties.

Life is full of flaws, people are full of flaws.  It’s what makes us unique – it’s what makes us so special to the people around us.

5. Don’t say SMILE!

This is an easy one – make your kids laugh, DON’T tell them to smile!

If you order a kid to smile on cue, guess what?  They will not smile on cue – even worse they will make a weird screwed up grimace as they try to give you their version of a smile.

It does always help when you interact with children on a family shoot but having fun will always yield the very best results.

It’s also ok for kids to not smile in photographs.  Some of my favourite images ever are when children are more pensive, or deep in their own thoughts.  Every picture tells a story and sometimes it’s best to just trust your photographer and know that he or she is seeing the beauty and defining the moment with every click

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