Corinthia Hotel, London Wedding – Alvina + Kenny

From our first Skype meeting to the engagement session to their beautiful London city wedding, it was so wonderful to spend time with such a genuinely lovely couple.

The Corinthia is a Hotel that simply oozes style.  In the middle of Whitehall right near so many of London’s iconic images is this stunning hotel.  It is such an inspirational venue both inside and out and the perfect setting for Alvina & Kenny’s wonderful wedding.

We started early as there was quite a lot to fit in this one special day.  It was a special mix of traditional english ceremony mixed with some Chinese customs as well.  Probably the most hilarious was Kenny and the boys having to bribe their way in to see Alvina and also performa range of (embarrassing) tasks that involved press ups, singing and dressing up including make up!  We had never seen anything like this before and kept forgetting to take pictures as we were laughing so much!

Things then become more serious and quite emotional for the Chinese Tea Ceremony.  There were plenty of laughs bit also a few tears as Alvina was becoming that bit closer to being Kenny’s wife.

After Alvina changed into her white wedding dress it was time for the civil ceremony.  This was yet another emotional service and was filled with the same joy as the Tea Ceremony.

If you’re planning a London City wedding then the Corinthia is the perfect venue.  We were able to get amazing pictures inside and out, there is a fantastic garden at the end of the street so we could still get some great nature images + the Golden Jubilee bridge.

It was an honour to be a part of Alvina & Kenny’s magical wedding.  If you’re planning a London wedding then be sure to contact us and book a meeting HERE