Film Photography – Contax G2

I am totally in love with my Contax 645, most of all because of the Zeiss glass, so when it came to looking for a decent 35mm rangefinder my first place to look was what Contax had to offer. After a bit of research this little baby popped up and so it was straight onto ebay to start my search! It didn’t take long to bid and win a nice little kit that comprised of the body, flash gun and three beautiful Carl Zeiss lenses : 21mm-f2.8, 45mm-f2 & 90mm-f2.8.

Jonathan Canlas calls this camera ‘The Automatique’ and that is exactly what it is great for. Unlike my Voightlander which is completely manual this camera works best as a point and shoot and what’s even better is that when you change lenses the viewfinder changes to show to show how each lens frames the scene – quite rare and unique for a rangefinder. So far I have been using it completely on auto and the results have been stunning. The lenses have completely blown me away, this camera is super sharp and it is all down to the Zeiss glass.

I have been mainly shooting Kodak Portra 400 and rating the iso at 200 on the camera, then giving a bit of further exposure compensation and 99% of the time this camera has just nailed it!

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