Fixing The Shadows – Tutorial

On this months FTS we’ll be discussing the art of ‘cropping’.

The way a picture is cropped can a have huge affect on the impact of that image. Whether you decide to crop in camera or if you crop at the post production stage, cropping is a very powerful tool in creating a strong composition.

Here is an image of some groomsmen in their top hats. It has a slightly comical effect – the sort of image that would work well on a greetings card…

… this, however is how we actually cropped the image and presented it to the client. Notice how much more dynamic the image just by adding the negative space. The image no longer has the witty, comical feel to it, it now has a much stronger design and far more contemporary feel.

Deciding what to leave in and what to leave out is the most important decision. This picture of a bride and groom has been cropped to emphasize the details and also the location. When the faces are included in an image it is very much the expression that controls the narrative of the picture, by cropping out the heads it makes the viewer see beauty in different way.

Sometimes just slightly cropping certain features can again make a huge difference to an image. In this next series of pictures we have slightly cropped out parts of our subjects to create images with a more contemporary feel.

Cropping the overall format of an image can dramatically transform the design of a picture. These images have been cropped in a more panoramic format to emphasize movement and space.

Feel free to use the comments box to ask any questions regarding this or any topic. Happy shooting X

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