Flight of the folio

I was kindly asked to be a ‘Tour Pal’ on the ‘Flight of the Folio, Freedom Tour‘ tour recently. I was so pleased to be asked by Stew Randall (the owner of Folio albums, a very good friend of mine for many years now AND super talented photographer) especially as I have seen Folio grow from it’s initial conception to the fabulous leading British album company that it is today. It’s taken us a while to introduce Folio albums into our own product range but that is only because we have always loved Queensberry so much, but with the latest covers and styles from Folio and especially with our transition into shooting film, now is the PERFECT time for us and we are thrilled to be offering these beautiful books to all our clients. Here are some images from the tour stop in Surrey.

shot on Contax 645 & contax G2 all Kodak Portra 400

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