It’s Our Anniversary!

Wow we’re both in complete shock! As of Friday 4th May we have been married for 10 years!!

(that’s right, we got married on Star Wars day!)

How is it possible that a decade has gone by?!?!

How do you celebrate this sort of milestone? (after you have got your head around the fact that something that seems like yesterday is now 10 years ago?!) especially when there is so much else going on in our lives like running a business together and parenting two children?

First of all I need to say, we are a bit crap when it comes to anniversaries. Mainly because 3 years after getting married our daughter decided to arrive ON our wedding anniversary. (that’s right, she was born on Star Wars Day!)

It is very sweet that she decided to arrive on our anniversary but needless to say the 4th May is now all about Marnie!!

We haven’t got each other a card or a present for quite a few years now and I know, that sounds bad.

With all the energy that goes into a kids birthday – organising the party, picking up the cake, got the entertainment, including some Karaoke I found at these portable karaoke machine reviews. we haven’t actually celebrated or gone out to a restaurant for our anniversary in years either! We are a bit crap!

Now what’s really important here is that this has no bearing on our friendship or the strength of our marriage.

We are solid!

That’s not to say we are perfect. We are most definitely NOT perfect!

But that is where the magic is. The imperfections.

The biggest thing that I reflect upon now that we’re a decade into our marriage is that we always stick together. When business is tough, when the kids are arguing non-stop, when the house is a complete shit-hole – we may be stressed but we’re unified in our stress!When I gave my speech at our wedding I said the thing I love most about Anna is that she makes me want to be a better person.

Despite all the changes that have happened in our lives, that has and is always remained the same.We will get around to celebrating our anniversary at some point and it will be something very special. I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that it’ll be a photo shoot with my favourite photographer in the world Jonathan Canlas – We just need to book a trip to Hawaii!

Photography is life and it is history.  It’s a celebration.

Contact us now and lets celebrate together.  20% off all our services for the month of May. X