London Engagement Session

London Engagement Session with Emily & Boon.

Lets begin with the excitement that always happens when a client says “we’re thinking of having an our engagement session in London”!

Straight away the images flash into my brain! The iconic backdrops that we’ll be able to use, the fact that London is one of my favourite places.

Whenever we visit London (which is quite often) even after all these years, it still feels like a day out! Hopefully that sets the scene for my mindset when heading to central London to meet Emily & Boon.

It’s always good to start any session especially a London Engagement Session with a chat about the wedding day. We found a little cafe and as Emily and shared the timings of the day and described they’re plans we were definitely starting to get excited. (Update! You can check out their stunning winter wedding HERE)

Emily & Boon live in Singapore but they spend lots of time in the UK. They wanted to capture all the things they love about this amazing city so it had to be Central London.

Boon was especially nervous about having his picture taken. Now I always advise our couples that in order to get great wedding pictures you don’t NEED to have an engagement session. We’re very experienced when it comes to relaxing and directing people but for your own confidence (as it was for Boon’s) it was such a great help for him because although he might have felt slightly awkward in his pictures he definitely felt a lot more confident when he had seen these.

After a little stroll through St James’s Park (to get warmed up!) we walked over to Westminster and just soaked up the atmosphere of the city and stopping for some quick but intimate pictures as we strolled.

London is perfect – even though it’s busy, you can always find a little quiet corner to relax and have great pictures. I think it helps that the landmarks are so high!

If you’re thinking of a city location or planning your own London engagement session then be sure to get in contact. We would love to work with you.


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Double exposure of couple and London Eye