New Training Courses @ Aspire – 21 days to go!

We’re so excited about the new courses for 2013 at Aspire Photographic Training in Cumbria. Our top course ‘Fine Art Weddings‘ has now expanded from a one day course to a two day course, to include so much more time to work on posing, lighting and creative workflow. On day two we have also added album design to incorporate the whole story of concept to print.
The one I am really excited about is the optional day 3 ‘Weddings on Film’ where we’ll be devoting a whole day to, you’ve guessed it, shooting weddings on film! We’ll be exploring all aspects of shooting film – the how, the what, and the why. Blow the dust off your old Eos or get your Blad down from the attic because this is going to be a day devoted to the most dedicated image makers! Call us here at the studio for more information or contact the team at Aspire to book your place. Easy X

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