Stu’s Style

Stu’s style is all about making people feel at ease with great communication and relaxed direction. He is the one that’ll arrange any formal photos and create a lot of our signature images. For us it’s all about working quickly making people feel relaxed and getting gorgeous natural pictures that look in no way contrived. It’s all about getting you into a position that looks flattering but then letting your personalities and the chemistry between you shine through.

Looking amazing in your pictures is obviously our top priority and we’ve found that the best way to achieve this is by using traditional film cameras. Colour film has a look that digital just can’t quite emulate which is why Stu shoots on a Hasselblad, the Rolls-Royce of medium format film cameras.

Many of the worlds top wedding planners will only recommend photographers that work on film because they know that it gives the most stunning results capturing colours beautifully. It’s not instant – but we’re not looking for a quick fix. When it comes to your wedding day, quality and style is everything. Our pride in craftsmanship connects with people who seek authenticity, quality and artfulness – the results are certainly worth waiting for.


Anna’s Style

Anna’s style is much more reportage and involves her blending into the background to capture the bride’s preparations for the day ahead.  She’ll be there to document your excitement and atmosphere in a very natural style. Anna is always there to capture the special moments like Sharing of gifts, mum lacing her daughters dress, and the moment when dad sees his daughter for the first time.

Because Stu is with the guys, Anna will always be there with the girls working the photography around your timeline and never dictating where you need to be or what you need to be doing (she’s just with you and being one of the girls).

Working on her trusty Nikon digital, Anna’s photographs are mainly black-and-white and in a documentary style. She uses a telephoto lens and is always on the outside capturing people when they are unaware and at their most natural. Through experience she has a great sense for pre-empting all the key stages and focusing on real expressions and defining the moment.


Husband & Wife Team

We make the perfect team because we’re married. We understand how the other is thinking creatively and how our different visions compliment one another.

If Stu is setting up a full-length or panoramic style image, Anna will know to zoom in and capture the expression, bringing together two very unique images but from the same moment. This synergy is at the heart of our signature style.

Over the many years we have been working together our own journey has unfolded. We have been a couple, and a newly engaged couple. We have been wedding guests, the Bride & Groom, and now parents.

We completely understand how it feels to be on the sharp end of a camera and know exactly how to create the right experience for you. We know this because we are you.

Of all the wonderful suppliers that are involved in your wedding day the photographer is usually the one that you spend the most time with so it’s important to find someone who makes you feel at ease. We often get mistaken for guests at weddings and we see this as a huge compliment. We would love to hear more about you and we hope to be working with you soon.