I always experience strong feelings when the seasons change.

I love the smell of spring. I can feel the change in the air and appreciate that summer is on it’s way

The start of autumn however, always makes me feel a little down. The first few days when it starts to feel cold. When the evenings feel shorter.

It somehow feels like the freedom of summer is now over and we’re in for the long haul of winter.

I love the feeling of always working in the summer – weddings every weekend and evening family sessions on the beach. It’s when I’m in my element!

The arrival of autumn is definitely a comedown

It definitely takes a few weeks to get used to it, but then the colours arrive!

The light and the leaves

When autumn is in full effect I remember just how special this time of year is

I remember that the oranges and the yellows and the early sunsets are just as special as the late summer evenings.

We may not have the abundance of light that we get in the summer but that just makes the autumn light more of a premium

Next to our studio is a giant oak tree. As I am writing this about 20 acorns have falling and bounced on the decking outside our studio door.

It’s a great opportunity for the kids start to earn their pocket money by constantly sweeping them up.

Soon it will be Halloween – then we know what follows… I promise I’ll not mention the C word just yet!

We’ve been thinking a lot about what we want our Autumn and winter special offers to look like so please fell free to drop as email if you there’s anything special you’d like us to do this half of the year.

Also stay tuned as we will be announcing a very special promotion in the next week.