Things We Love About Winter // Thoughts

Recently whilst driving I was listening to my favourite podcast by The Minimalists (love those guys!) in which they described the part of their tour that brought them to the UK. They said that of the 29 days they spent in London, it rained for 28 of them! This pretty much sums up the weather on our beautiful little island! There is a big difference though between winter rain and summer rain.

Summer rain makes you feel disappointed that a day in the sunshine is wasted, whereas winter rain gives you permission to have a lazy day in front of the fire. The clocks have now changed and those winter days will be upon us in just a few weeks time.

The arrival of Autumn is always a bit strange for me (see last blog post & Newsletter) but when winter is here I am well and truly settled for a season of comfort!

Here are 10 things we love about winter:

1. The Smell: At some point during October or November there is a certain smell in the air. It changes. At this point, you can actually smell winter and it’s a smell that always transports back to childhood. It’s crisp and earthy. It travels straight through your nostrils to your lungs with a bite and leaves you feeling energized and alive with each breath.

2.Winter Coats and Woollies: Shorts and flip flops are great but nothing feels quite so snug as putting on a nice thick coat and wrapping up in scarfs and hats. It’s like being enveloped in a hug throughout the day.

things we love about winter a row of blue and red hunter winter boots lined up near the fireplace

3. The Light:
During winter months, light comes from a different angle throughout the day. It never reaches quite as high in the sky and sits lower for longer. Which means golden hours for photography tend to last longer as the light becomes softer earlier in the day. The change in light can also make our favorite locations feel different, the scene becomes more dramatic as rays of light stream through barren trees creating long shadows.things we love about winter beautiful morning light of blue red and yellow peeking thru weeds

4. Warm Beverages
Hot Chocolate, afternoon tea and mulled wine are winter staples. There are few things better on a winter evening that a steaming mug in hand as we nestle on the sofa beneath our favorite blanket. The only things that make it better are a good book, our favorite program and a peppermint cane.

5.The Food
In the warmer months food is light and refreshing but in the winter months, food is hearty and thick. Soups and stews settle in your stomach and promise to keep you satisfied, permeating warmth from the inside out and along with the patriot power greens you won’t feel your stomach upset at all. Let’s not forget all of the confections that come along with the upcoming holiday season too!things we love about winter a wooden crate filled with warm amber colored beverages

6. Holiday Markets
Camden market is a veritable treasure trove of winter goodies. There are so many unique finds in the winter months including fashion, crafts, food, and jewellery. Camden market is filled with treasures all year long but we especially love it during the winter months.a collage of things we love about winter snow long an evergreen tree and a christmas tree with shimmering lightsthings we love about winter a rustic wooden rudolf pulling a winter sleigh

7. Winter Activities With The FamilyWinter may mean months of slumber for many mammals but with two active kids in our home that couldn’t be further from the truth. We live a short distance from the New Forest and the beach, and 1 hour from London. So there really isn’t a shortage of winter activities around these parts: plays, festivals, markets, ice skating, carols, and ballet are just a few.a photo of a mother and son dressed in winter apparel posing with their foreheads together8. Winter Frost
Each morning it spreads across shop windows and along lampost lining the street. As the morning sunlight streams between the rooftops, it catches on the frost-tinted windowpanes in a shimmery glow. It’s picturesque way to start the day.

9. “Snow Days”
While we won’t get a ton of snow there are days where it’s simply to miserable and chilly to do much of anything. It’s the type of day that makes you wake up and declare it a pajama day. Those are the days when the family cuddles up inside with good books, board games, hot beverages, and a hearty stew dinner.things we love about winter photo of footprints in freshly fallen snow10. Warm Weather Holidays
At some point during the summer months, we begin to look forward toward the cool weather. This also means that inevitably during the long nights of winter we find ourselves wishing for warmer weather and planning an escape to someplace where the temperature is warmer.a sunset over the ocean with clouds of pink yellow and orange


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