This is your day – Our thoughts on enjoying your wedding day

This is your day…

That was the first thing our photographer said to me when I opened the door to him on the morning of our wedding. Well, we did shake hands and have a man hug first but the very next words to come out of his mouth were “This is your day. I’m just going to be with you taking pictures”. That was pretty much the philosophy that Anna and I adopted from the very early days of our business but to experience that on our own wedding day as the clients was something very special. It meant that the most important thing for us was to enjoy every moment of our wedding and the photography would complement that.

As you can imagine choosing our photographer was a bit tricky. We saw quite a few talented people but in the end we were lucky enough to book Lovegrove photography a husband-and-wife team like us, to capture our special day. When Anna and I first set up Cooper photography we attended many workshops and seminars hosted by Damien and Julie Lovegrove, and they have been a very big influence on our photography business. Needless to say we were thrilled to have them as our photographers and it was their natural approach on the day that made having them there so much more special – well that and the gorgeous pictures they captured of course! Everything that we valued about being wedding photographers was confirmed on our own wedding day by having two photographers we truly connected with. We were completely surrounded by everybody that mattered and never felt like we wanted or needed to be anywhere else or to be concentrating on anything other than our day. How awesome is that?

November 2004 was the official start date of Cooper photography (Stu & Anna photography as it was creatively called back then) and right from the very start we wanted things to be different from the more traditional photographers in our area. We always knew that the experience was just as important as the images themselves but it wasn’t until our own wedding day in May 2007 that we realised just how important that experience was.

‘This is your day’ has become our mantra for being a part at somebody’s wedding. Anyone that is married will tell you that their wedding day was a complete blur. It is a series of moments that flow from one to another and sometimes it’s a bit too much to take in.

One thing that we all value more than anything in life is time and when, after all the months of planning you have only got one day to savour every special moment, time has never been more significant. This is when the power of ‘This is your day’ means everything!

Any photographer will tell you what an amazing feeling it is when a client tells you how much they enjoyed having you as part of their day. Not that the photography part of the day was enjoyable, but that you were ‘part of their day’. That statement means that they were fully present, enjoying all of the moments that made their wedding day so special and we were there enjoying it with them, being immersed in all of the fun and emotion rather than someone who makes the wedding solely about the pictures.

The truth is nothing can really prepare you for this. By the time it came to our wedding day we had already been a part of over 100 weddings and just a couple of months before the day we had won an award for wedding album of the year. As wedding photographers we were very experienced but to be able trust our photographers, to enjoy our moments and the atmosphere with our loved ones without worrying about them catching the right angle, was so valuable

Falling in love with a photographer’s portfolio is exciting and very important. When you find a photographer that you connect with on a creative level, it is priceless but it is equally important to know that your photographer will genuinely share the joy of your day.

We have been so lucky to be made to feel so welcome at weddings and we have had some amazing clients that have allowed us to collaborate with them and produce some amazing work but equally there has always been a huge element of trust that has given us the privilege of giving them time, time to enjoy their day.