With over 26 years experience in the photography industry there aren’t many mistakes we have not learned from! Being a photographer is a journey.  A journey we are still travelling.

Knowledge is something that should be shared and it’s always been important to us to pass on all that we have learned to up and coming photographers out there.  We are indebted to all the inspirational mentors that we’ve met over the years and it is so rewarding to now do the same.

One thing that has been pivotal in our success is the teachings of other inspirational photographers, trainers and business people that have helped shape our photography and our business into the brand we have today – one we are extremely proud of.

Sometimes it can be a simple thing like a function on the back of your camera or a shortcut in Lightroom that can change everything, or it can be a complete re-brand that is required to get you on track and fulfilling your goals.

There are many ways that we can help you, so have a look at our offerings and see what suits your needs most.  Of course the best way to help is with an initial consultation (free of charge) to best discuss how we can help

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We are all yours!  

With a 1-2-1 session you can focus on whatever it is you need the most help with, nothing is off limits.  You can book an hour session (in person or Skype), half day or full day, whatever we agree will give you the best solution to get you closer to your goal.

Topics covered:

  • Shooting Film:  Why, What & How.
  • Lighting: finding the best natural light + using flash creatively
  • Style: developing your photographic voice. Keeping creative on a shoot
  • Posing:  Directing and controlling a shoot with confidence and creativity
  • Hybrid Shooting: Mixing film with digital
  • Editing & Workflow: Don’t waste money in the chair of doom!
  • Sales & Marketing: Book more clients! Make more money!
  • Critique: Assessing your portfolio + Assessing your brand




Over the years we have had many mentors both for photography and for business, in fact we still do.  Mentoring is such an important and crucial role in an artists/entrepreneur’s journey.

We offer ongoing Mentoring that is tailored to your specific needs.

There will be an initial consultation to brainstorm and set goals after which we formulate a plan to focus on the areas that need our support and expertise.

This would be an ongoing monthly training consisting of 1 full day of 1-2-1 training + 1 weekly 1 hour Skype/FaceTime coaching call.  Also it would include shadowing us on 2 weddings/Portrait sessions.  You can stop the mentoring at any time or keep going until you have smashed all your goals.

This is for the photographers out there ready to make a change and push forward with their business.  Together we’ll create a powerful brand that has an authentic voice and visual style.

With ongoing support and weekly coaching sessions there is nothing off limits and nothing you can’t achieve.







The ultimate package contains everything you need to become a film and digital photographer.  COMING SOON!