With so many weddings we’ve attended we’ve come to understand what our photography means to our clients.  We value the importance of telling the story of the day.  We understand that in order to do this you need to be immersed in your wedding – we are only there to document the day,  not to turn your wedding into one big photoshoot!

We’re passionate about capturing the story of the day.  We love all the predetermined events such as the vows and the first dance but more than that we love all the moments in-between. Every wedding is unique and our aim will be to document yours as it unfolds naturally. Nothing fake or contrived – just you as you are, and your wedding as it happens.

With an artistic vision, our focus will be to capture the emotion, moments and atmosphere in an authentic way.  The result will be a beautiful story told through a set of unique and timeless photographs.


CAN I PRINT FROM THE HIGH RES?   Yes absolutely! After the wedding when you have chosen your thank you card image you’ll recieve a memory stick containing all your high res jpegs. You have full rights to print and share the images as many times as you wish.

DO YOU ONLY SHOOT LARGE WEDDINGS?  No, we shoot all different kinds of weddings from very large events with over 200 people, to intimate weddings and elopements.  We have different collections to suit all types.

WHAT IS YOUR SHOOTING STYLE?  Natural, creative, luxury, authentic.  Most of our style is purely documentary capturing the natural and intimate moments as they happen.  When it’s time for couples portraits, we like to give some light direction and photograph what happens naturally.

DO YOU TAKE ANY FORMAL PICTURES? We actually love capturing formal pictures and although couples generally book us for our natural style most people really value their group photos much more than they thought they would. The most important thing is that they’re quick and fun. We normally take about 7 pictures and with the help of your super-efficient ushers we can normally whizz through these in about 20-25 minutes.

CAN OUR GUESTS ORDER PICTURES? Yes. When your online gallery goes live your guests can view the pictures and also order beautiful quality prints. Also a special 35% discount rate is available for the first 30 days of the gallery going live.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? Our full wedding day collections start from £2250.  Midweek collections are from £800.  bespoke collections are also available so get in touch for more details

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? We use a variety of cameras that all do something special. Our trusty Nikon digital cameras are amazing for speed and working in low light. Our main film camera is the world famous Hasselblad H2 (the Rolls Royce of medium format cameras). When it comes to colour and beauty you can’t beat Hasselblad Glass!  Here’s a link to our blog post all about shooting film: HERE

CAN I VIEW AN ENTIRE WEDDING? Yes of course, it’s so valuable to view a complete wedding. One thing we pride ourselves on is consistency and quality, so viewing a complete wedding is very important. The best way is to meet up for an informal meeting and browse our gorgeous albums. In the meantime we write a blog post every Monday showcasing our latest work. You can also view all our recent weddings in the client area of our website.

I DON’T LIKE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN! Don’t worry 99% of our clients say that and it’s never an issue. We are very experienced photographers and we can always tell within seconds the best approach to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera. If you’re still not convinced then an engagement session can be included with your booking and that is a great way to practice your best ‘Blue Steel’!

DO YOU TRAVEL FOR WEDDINGS?  Yes. We shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad. We are based in Hampshire and any weddings in England include travel. If your wedding is more than 2 hours away we suggest an overnight stay which is at your discretion. Weddings outside the UK will also require travel expenses.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE OUR PICTURES? Straight after your wedding we start work on your images and send your film off to one of the top labs in world for processing and scanning. Every image gets the royal treatment and will look the best it can look. This normally takes 3-6 weeks, you can expect to view up to 500 images.

IS AN ALBUM AND DISC INCLUDED IN OUR PACKAGE?  All our collections include a USB drive of all high res jpegs.  Album are included if you go for a featured collection that includes one.  You can however create your own custom package and add an album later.  Also fine art prints and wall art are available as optional extras.

WE WOULD LIKE TO BOOK YOU, WHAT’S NEXT? Fantastic! We are so happy to be your photographers. First things first is to pay a booking fee and you’ll receive a confirmation letter and online contracts to sign. Sometime between now and your wedding we’ll fix a date to get together and discuss the finer details of your wedding day, timings, family names etc. This would be the time to do your engagement session as well.