Wedding Planning Survival Guide


If you’ve just got engaged, congratulations!  You’re in for exciting a ride as the build up starts for what is going to be an amazing day and probably one of the best in your life, how cool is that?!

I’m sure there a many of you out there that are completely calm and will breeze through all your wedding planning but as we are all different (something to be celebrated) there will of course be some of us that just need a little more of a game plan to avoid stress levels getting too high, of course we also prevented this since we always go online to buy kratom extract and other stress reliever supplements. When doing something that requires your full focus and brain power or want to relieve some stress, consider getting a brain booster like a potent adaptogen blend!

When we got married 10 years ago we were a little bit naive as to what to do.  We already had our Son Nate, he was 6 months old and we had only been in business for two and a half years.  We were rising stars in the wedding photography world which meant our summer was fully booked up.  We could either wait a year or do it all in six months.  We chose the crazy option and went for 6 months.

As it turned out our wedding day was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have wished for more but the build up was a just little bit stressful!

So here is my first tip and one that comes from direct experience: Have a plan.

It sounds obvious I know but you’ve got to start somewhere and that is most definitely THE place to start.  If you do decide to do it all in 2 months or 2 years then having a plan will definitely keep stress levels at a minimum.

There are some great online resources for this and one that we have just discovered and highly recommend is WeddingWire. You can create an account and make your own wedding checklist that will sync your task list based on your wedding date or engagement date. Also at the same time set up a Pinterest board as once you have an idea of the theme and the style it’ll be so much easier to find suppliers that fit into your vision for the day.

This timeline will also help to give you a snapshot of where to be in the planning stage


If the planning seems all a bit too much then don’t be afraid to enlist a professional.  A really awesome idea is to Hire A Wedding Planner.

Wedding planners are amazing at project managing your wedding and acting as a buffer between you, your suppliers and the stresses that can arrive when planning your dream wedding.  Don’t think that wedding planners are just used by billionaires and rockstars.  There are many planners that operate at different levels and provide different services to help you if you feel like you are going to get a bad case of overwhelm.

Remember Who’s Wedding It Is.  It’s so easy to get caught up in wedding politics and parents, friends and close family might have a say in how they think your wedding should be but ultimately it is YOUR day so make all the big decisions on your own.

Work out what is important to YOU.  It’s definitely worth pouring a couple of glasses of wine and having a chat about what is most important for you both before heading out and booking people up.

Venues, photographers, make up artists get booked up so quickly that setting out some  priorities that you both agree on will help with planning and also keeping on track with the budget.

Some suppliers like the cake, dress, tiaras aren’t necessarily as urgent as they can produce more than one cake for that date.  They can supply more than one dress, they will have more than one tiara in stock.  These are all small artisan businesses so they will still be limited by time as it’s normally one or a few people delivering a very unique item for each wedding but they aren’t as date specific as other suppliers.  Even florists often have teams that can do two weddings on one day.

There are however a lot of vendors that once they’re booked, they’re booked!

Venues, Photographers, Musicians, and many others do require prior notice. Fortunately their are some services such as the music venues from that can be booked online and makes it much easier and faster. You should keep in mind the importance of music in such special occasion. Everything at your wedding tells your guests about who you are as a couple and the music you choose is a big one! What songs do you as a couple go back to when your cooking dinner and hitting Spotify? Where do your tastes collide and where do they differ? It’s important to talk through the vibe you want to set and put those thoughts down on paper so you can properly communicate your ideas to the entertainment providers you are researching. It is all too common for a couple to book a band based on recommendation, without doing the due diligence on what they sound like and if they will match what you want for your big day. Even though Uncle Ted’s friend’s cousin’s wedding DJ came highly recommended, you might think he is a goofball. Do your research and listen to the music! You’ll most likely remember this day for the rest of your life, so make sure your music is memorable.


When planning a wedding it’s so important to find people that you trust to care as much about your day as you do.  Budget is always important but even more is finding people that share your vision, your values and are prepared to go the extra mile.

If you are planning your day the contact us as we’d love to hear more about your plans