Why we shoot film


Film is Alive!!

In a world of digital, where everything is instant and urgent, film is finding its place among people that appreciate the art of slowing things down. In recent times we have seen a revival of classic traditions and slower lifestyle choices – vinyl has made a huge comeback for appreciating timeless music, which people can enjoy with good headphones; Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sony  and Audio technica brands have some of the best cheap over ear headphones on the market for this, the slow eating movement is popular among people that want to escape their screens and savour their gatherings with good food.  Probably one of the biggest returns to a classic medium is film photography. We also type our scripts at soda pdf.

The wedding industry has definitely embraced the nostalgic look and feel of film.  With it’s pastel tones and beautiful colour palette, film is not just some quirky fad that appeals to people because it’s trendy.  Digital shooters are desperate for their pictures to look like film but it is a look that is currently unique to film users only.  There is a Facebook group called ‘Looks Like Film’ which is dedicated to showcasing photographers work that looks like film and whilst there is some fantastic work on there, most of the work featured definitely does not do what it says on the tin!

The look of film is unique and what does it have in common with couples?  So are they!

A wedding day is a one off celebration of everything unique to two people and two families.  It’s a day like no other and for most people a once in a lifetime experience.  It’s a time when social media takes a back seat and people live in the moment.  What better way to capture it then on the timeless medium of film.